Over 64,000 independent and chain pharmacies throughout the US participate in the drug discount program's pharmacy network. If your pharmacist needs assistance in processing the card, please have them call the toll free number on the back of your card.

What prescription medications are covered under the Drug Discount Program?

All FDA approved brand and generic prescription medications are covered.

Can I locate a participating pharmacy over the internet?

Yes. Simply use the pharmacy locator tool to find a participating pharmacy.

How much discount will I receive?

The discount received may vary based upon the prescription, whether the drug is branded versus generic, and the pharmacy at which the prescription is being filled. Discounts typically range from 0-75%. There is no guaranteed percentage savings on every prescription purchase. The price you pay depends on the pharmacy and the type of drug you purchase. It is possible that the medication you are taking is already priced by your pharmacy at a very competitive price. When this is the case, we cannot discount their already low price, but you will receive the advantage of their special pricing.

Can I call and get prices over the phone?

No. Please utilize the drug look up and pharmacy compare tool within this site, to obtain pricing.

My pharmacist said this card will not save me any money. Why?

You are entitled to your prescription benefit. Your pharmacist will not know if the card will save you any money until the prescription is sent by your pharmacy to us for pricing.

Can I use my discount card with my insurance card?

The discount card cannot be combined with your insurance coverage. It can be used for prescriptions that are not covered by your insurance plan. At times, the cost when utilizing the discount card, may be lower than an individual's insurance coverage amount. An individual may choose to use the discount card rather than make an insurance claim, with the understanding that monies paid towards the prescription will not typically be eligible to be applied towards any insurance deductible.

I have Medicare or Medicaid coverage. Can I use this card?

Discount cards are not eligible to be used at the same time as your Medicaid or Medicare benefit program.

Is my private information safe if I use this card?

Yes. We only uses the minimal information necessary in order to provide cost savings to your prescriptions. From state of the art computer systems to security protocols, your information is safe and secure. At no point will your personal information be shared with any outside entity or used to solicit you for any products.