AscellaHealth is proud to deliver a complete hemophilia management program to help the bleeding disorder community.

Our program is based on an all-encompassing data analytics interface technology solution that can capture, integrate, and provide unlimited amounts of prescription data and healthcare outcome analytics in a real-time platform. We deliver accurate insights into patient care, provider Rx value, Rx trends, specialty pharmacy performance, dose optimization, treatment paths, and other clinical intervention reports.

A complete Hemophilia Management with your best care in mind.

AscellaHealth’s specialty pharmacy and infusion network specializes in data, analytics, and cost modeling. We offer real-time front end prescription triage to help patients receive the right care at the right time. Our technology manages and streamlines the Rx prescription process among the physician, patient, specialty pharmacy, and health insurance plan—which means more coordinated care and cost savings.

Discover complete hemophilia management that delivers meaningful solutions and better treatment.

With our hemophilia management program, clients enjoy the benefits of having their specialty medical patients in one platform displaying real-time data and analytics.

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