Seniors are a growing and dynamic segment of our population. And whether they live in facilities or in the community at large—partnering with AscellaHealth for your LTC Pharmacy solutions ensures the highest commitment to quality, care, convenience and service.   

Pharmacy Services

Through our national network of LTC and retail pharmacies, we offer a comprehensive set of pharmacy services, including home or facility delivery, specialty and compounding pharmacy services, and packaging and dispensing solutions.   After hours or emergency services are performed through a retail network pharmacy located in your community.

Real Time Claims Adjudication and Reporting

With our real time claims processing system and web-based reporting tools, you’ll have instant access to your cost data.  Our reporting tool is easy to use and supports all of your reporting requirements, including 8358 reporting.  In addition, you’ll have access to our standard,or your customized reports library, or you can create your own reports with our ad hoc reporting tool to meet your unique needs.   

Formulary and Medication Management Services

At AscellaHealth, our LTC P&T Committee develops formularies that are senior focused and cost-effective—ensuring access to the right medication at the right time.  Our medication management solutions not only control appropriate utilization, but monitor for complications that can be associated with polypharmacy –a growing concern for seniors.  We have professional pharmacists who are focused on the special needs of seniors and are available for consultation 24/7/365.