The rising cost of healthcare increasingly challenges employers when it comes to providing retiree prescription drug benefits. With the tax advantages of RDS plans now eliminated, do you know what your options are? Let AscellaHealth show you EGWP retiree solutions that can significantly reduce your costs- with little or no member disruption-through our national PDP. AscellaHealth will assume your administrative burden, improve your cash flow, and provide your retirees with a seamless benefit.

Pharmacy Network

We provide a national pharmacy network, including LTC and Home Infusion; 90 day supply at retail; mail order; and, a Specialty Pharmacy program that can be integrated with your medical benefits allowing AscellaHealth to actively manage appropriate utilization and monitor efficacy through clinical programs developed with industry partners.

Simplify Reporting

Reduce administrative burden--Let us do the heavy lifting and manage the complexities of CMS reporting requirements.

MTM Certified Pharmacists

Create, submit and administer MTM programs on behalf of our Sponsors.

You will supported by a dedicated and experienced Part D/EGWP Account Team. Additional services include:

  • HIPAA Compliant Data and File Submissions
  • Quarterly STAR Ratings Reporting
  • Coordination of Benefits (COB)/TrOOP Accounting
    • FIR Transactions
    • Retro LICS Adjustments
    • OHI Information
  • Low Net Cost Therapy Strategies
  • Partners in addressing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Requirements