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AscellaHealth is at the forefront of the Specialty Pharmacy industry and our full spectrum of cutting-edge programs and services benefit all Specialty Pharmacy stakeholders including Patients, Payers, Life Sciences, and Providers.

We collaborate with life sciences/biotech pharmaceutical manufacturers to support specialty products through all stages of the product life cycle, from pre-commercialization and launch through fulfillment and outcomes tracking. Our unique programs provide patients with seamless access to therapy, optimal clinical results, and an enhanced patient journey.

How We Work with Biotech Manufacturers:

AscellaHealth’s custom pre-launch support ensures your product is brought to market successfully by achieving optimal access, while our high-touch specialty pharmacy capabilities ensure seamless fulfillment and increased compliance of limited distribution specialty pharmaceuticals.

Custom Pre-launch Support includes:

  • Outsourced market access services and payer relations
  • Payer value messaging
  • Patient Journey Mapping
  • Prior authorization policy support

Fulfillment and Clinical Services include:

  • Wholesale, distribution, 3PL and LDD fulfillment via our Specialty Pharmacy network with national reach
  • High-touch patient support and clinical programs
  • Custom copay assistance programs
  • Branded programs marketing support for pull through programs

Rebate Programs:

  • Management of rebate programs on behalf of drug manufacturers

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Our unique and customized clinical and technology-based offerings serve to streamline access to specialty medications, increase compliance and clinical outcomes and enhance the overall therapy journey for patients with chronic or complex conditions.

Awards and Accolades

AscellaHealth is proud to be recognized as a leading global specialty pharmacy and healthcare services organization. We have won multiple awards both within and outside of the healthcare industry.

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