AscellaHealth is a national PBM serving
commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid segments.


We offer high-quality prescription drug management services that are tailored to each unique client’s needs.

Through our proprietary financial models, our specialty pharmacy and infusion services provide cost-saving discounts on prescription medications with timely access to products, data¬driven reporting, and patient support programs—all of which help to improve patient adherence and health outcomes. This customizable cost model is ideal for supporting both limited and exclusive specialty pharmacy programs and for serving the needs of small, orphan, or ultra-orphan patient populations. AscellaHealth offers pharmacy network prescription value along with leveraged data and analytics to provide accurate insights into patient care, costs-versus-outcomes, and waste and abuse analysis. Our goal is to ensure that optimal cost efficiency is delivered to our clients.

Our unique PBM services provide substantial savings to plan sponsors and consumers while ensuring access to needed care. Our programs can generate savings from 10-30%, through unique and proprietary programs. Combined with our network of services, these tools ensure proper balance of quality clinical care, sufficient access, and optimal cost efficiency in the delivery of benefits to our clients.




Our mission is to be more than just a service provider to our clients.

We are your partner!

Founded by a team of experienced industry leaders, AscellaHealth designs premium PBM solutions featuring superior technology and analytics-all offered in flexible, tailored formats driven by actual client needs.

Our approach provides clients with the advantage of a full suite of sophisticated PBM services which promote exceptional cost savings without sacrificing access or quality of care.